Multiple Interviews and Job Offers

There are times where individuals apply for various jobs and the unthinkable happens—a slew of interviews and offers come in! This kind of situation can be challenging to deal with because it involves heavy strategy, quick decision-making, and analysis. Here are some tips that can help mitigate the pressure:

1.    Consider your value priorities-  Identify the opportunities that are the most attractive and beneficial according to your value priorities. One job may have an attractive salary, however, the job with the bigger title may be of greater value for your long-term career goals. You need to know which is more important. Once you go through this process, it will be easier to discern what interviews to prioritize and what job offer you should take.

2.    Schedule interviews in close succession- By scheduling interviews in this way, you will have access to a mass of information about each job, which will allow you to make quicker decisions about which to take.

3.    Don’t commit too quickly- If provided with an offer, humbly thank them and ask for 24-48 hours to make a final decision. This will buy time to interview with the other companies.

By following these 3 tips, it will be much easier to manage this type of situation and come out on top!

Titus Ash

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